Happy Pi Day

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Happy Pi Day

On March 14th, Jake shares his thoughts on Pi and Pie!

Picture this: Pi, the mathematical constant, is like the flaky crust of a perfectly baked pear pie—endlessly intriguing and always leaving us wanting more. Just as a baker meticulously crafts a pie, mathematicians have spent centuries discovering the mysteries behind Pi. And just as each slice of pie offers a taste of culinary expertise, each digit of Pi reveals insights into circles, spheres, and the universe itself.

Let’s gather ’round the table and dig into the delights of Pi Day, recognizing the parallels between delicious pear pie and mathematical marvels. Whether you’re enjoying a slice of pie or pondering the digits of Pi, take a moment to appreciate the sweetness of both. As we indulge in dessert and mathematical discovery, let’s raise a toast to the joy of unravelling the mysteries of Pi and the universe.

Happy Pi Day, where the only thing sweeter than the pie on our plates is the thrill of exploration, learning and understanding!

Jake Downie is the Customer Success Lead at Pear Agency, Vancouver, Canada.