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Peqish Food Co.

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Peqish Food Co.

Healthy Grab & Go Food

Peqish food is hand made from scratch, free of pesticides and artificial colouring, is low in sugar, etc, etc, etc. They began this journey in 2014 and in 2019 had reached a point where they needed to evolve their brand, with an eye on making it more attractive to consumers and investors.

Given this was to be an evolution, we retained the look of the existing logo and simply added a few elements that reflected their values. The marketing materials harkened back to a time when there was more honesty in food production, focussing on natural ingredients and a unique selling point – ‘Food created by Doctors and Chefs’.


• Brand Album
• web design
• stationery package
• presentation templates
• packaging
• posters
• video
• in-store materials


• brand strategy
• concept and design
• production

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