Branding Lessons from a Rubber Duckie

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Branding Lessons from a Rubber Duckie.

How a Rubber Duckie from the Accent Inns in Victoria made it to a branding session.

Photo credits to Morgan Downie.

The night before a Brand Exploration session in Victoria, we were reminded of the importance of creating positive, lasting impressions at all brand touchpoints. A rubber duckie on the edge of the bathtub in our hotel room was the messenger. It gave us an unexpected smile as we decompressed from the long travel day. The rubber duckie, combined with the clean room and pleasant staff, forever changed any preconceived notions we had regarding the Accent Inns.

We brought our rubber duckie (it was a gift from the hotel) to the Brand Exploration session the next day to emphasize the importance and power of creating relevant experience at all brand touchpoints, including the bathtub.

Thank you, Accent Inns. We’ll be back.

Bill Downie is the Creative Director at Pear Agency, Vancouver, Canada.