Pear is a family business.

Some might think this comes with challenges and they would be right.
But what agency run by humans doesn’t have its challenges?

The difference is that we are all motivated to overcome those challenges
because in the near future we will be sitting around the dinner table at
Thanksgiving or helping one of us move.

Oh, and our work is pretty damn good as well.

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Meet the core team.

(sorry, pun unavoidable)

Creative Director + Brand Strategist

Bill Downie

Bill combines his creative mind with that of a strategic thinker to lead the creative process towards captivating, relevant, and effective campaigns. His energy and passion for advertising and design is just as strong today as it was 37 years ago when he began his career in Toronto as a young (much younger) Art Director.

Since moving to Vancouver in 1992 he has held Managing Partner and senior level creative positions at national and international agencies. In 2011 he formed Slingshot in Vancouver, which went on to win numerous awards for strategy, design, and advertising. Despite all this, Bill hopes to be as talented as his kids when he grows up.

Graphic Designer

Sydney Downie

Sydney is an inquisitive designer and has a knack for asking all the right questions to better understand the task at hand. She has applied her design sensibility to dozens of branding and design projects for a range of clients including the Fairwinds community on Vancouver Island, Lumina, and various Wesgroup real estate marketing projects.

Sydney has also created brand looks for many startup companies including Age Knowble, Tricycle Video Games, Plan X Micro-Mobility, and Cleopatra - a women’s intimate health on-line platform. She designed Tourism Burnaby’s Meetings & Conventions trade show materials, including a Discovery Guide, trade show backdrop, vertical banners, case study templates, and folder. She is a very conceptual thinker and applies this inherent trait to everything she designs, from packaging to social media posts.

Account Manager

Jake Downie

Jake’s strongest qualities include a willingness to learn, an ability to bring strategic focus to any challenge, and his inherent need for projects to run as smoothly as possible.
He engages fully in many projects and subjects. Being the “sponge” that he is, Jake takes great care in recognizing and addressing the finer details when working with clients,
partners and colleagues.

Having worked in both traditional and new media, Jake has an acute understanding of technological developments and how they shape the way we communicate. In his experience as an Account Executive, Jake has been fortunate enough to engage with key stakeholders at national and international corporations on both print projects and cloud-based software installations.

Not much scares Jake, with the exception of scary movies.

Graphic Designer

Morgan Downie

It should be known that Morgan has strong opinions and is not afraid to share them. Thankfully, they are very well thought out and wise opinions. She has mastered the art of branding and played a key role in brand development of The Westerly at Fairwinds, Vancouver Island, Lumina, and various Wesgroup real estate marketing projects. Morgan applied her page layout sensibility to Passions Magazine (Fairwinds), giving each article a unique personality that best reflected the story.

Her list of branding and design achievements includes AmiPRO, Durwell Equine Naturals, Solution Financial, and Paperwork Technologies. Her skill set extends into package design, web design, signage, and advertising of all sorts.

We solve problems with our creativity.

We find inspiration in those who choose to work with us.
We take time to breathe, because that’s important too.
Tell us about yourself and the problems you want to solve.

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The extended family.

Since forming 5 years ago the family has grown to include a select group of talented professionals with skill sets that complement the Creative and Strategic services offered by Bill, Jake, Morgan, and Sydney.

This modular approach to building a full-service team based on client needs offers many benefits, cost-efficiency being the most obvious.

The group is called SaladBar. Check it out.

SaladBar Group

Brands we’ve worked with.